Guernsey hotel stars.

Guernsey Hotels Star Grading Scheme

Visitor accommodation in Guernsey is rated against the British Common Standard for Hotels, Guest Accommodation, or Self Catering, taking into account all the key areas that can affect the visitor experience.

The hotel grading scheme includes the buildings (condition, fixtures, furnishings, and fittings), cleanliness, comfort, food, service, hospitality and management efficiency.

A detailed annual assessment of these services and facilities determines the number of stars to be awarded, from 1 star up to a maximum of 5 stars.

Five star hotels.
Five Star Guernsey Hotels
Exceptional throughout
Four star Guernsey hotels.
Four Star Guernsey Hotels
Excellent standards in all areas
Three star Guernsey hotels.
Three Star Guernsey Hotels
Good levels of quality and comfort
Two star Guernsey hotels.

Two Star Guernsey Hotels
Well presented and well run
Hotel grading scheme.
One Star Guernsey Hotels
Simple, clean, comfortable - but no frills